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CIO Review: New Technology and New Management Practices in Insurance IT

“Today’s new technologies are tomorrow’s basic capabilities.

ITL: Insurance Technology Trends in ’17, Beyond

Insurers may perform “innovation theater” but many are unlikely to be prepared when the next decade of change sneaks up on them.

INN: How to Choose a Digital Claims Solution

Long considered laggards in the digital economy, the insurance industry is beginning to make up for lost time.

Webinar – Broker/Carrier Technology Trends and Challenges

Large commercial retail brokers and specialty/large commercial carriers rely on technology to do their heavy lifting.

Webinar – IoT and Insurance: Operationalizing Innovation

Novarica and the IoTinsObs are collaborating on the profitable adoption of IoT and telematics in the North American insurance industry, combining their joint expertise in market, operational, and technology issues related to leveraging these new technologies.

Webinar – IT Financial Management and Value Metrics in Insurance

IT is the largest single expense area for insurers besides claims and commissions.