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CIO Review: New Technology and New Management Practices in Insurance IT

“Today’s new technologies are tomorrow’s basic capabilities.

ITL: Insurance Technology Trends in ’17, Beyond

Insurers may perform “innovation theater” but many are unlikely to be prepared when the next decade of change sneaks up on them.

INN: How to Choose a Digital Claims Solution

Long considered laggards in the digital economy, the insurance industry is beginning to make up for lost time.

Webinar – IT Financial Management and Value Metrics in Insurance

IT is the largest single expense area for insurers besides claims and commissions.

Webinar – Insurer IT Budgets and Projects for 2018

While total spending levels and patterns are roughly consistent with prior years, there are some important changes emerging.

Webinar – Three Phases for Insurer Maturity with Big Data, IoT, and AI

The insurance industry is always grappling with how to best understand and leverage emerging technology – including big data, IoT, and AI – in an incremental fashion while continuing to maintain and manage their existing systems.