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CB Insights recently published a nice summary of alliances between automakers and insurers that provide insurance as part of the lease.

Insurance brokers and specialty/large commercial carriers have long lagged behind other segments when it comes to automating communication.

For the first time in seven years, A.M.

Insurers are looking to take advantage of emerging tech, both as an opportunity to build better experiences for customers and as a way to gather more data and create lower risk environments.

I recently attended the 13th annual Guidewire user conference, Connections 2017, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, not only were Americans shocked at seeing fellow Americans suffer through a city-shaking catastrophe that displaced approximately 400,000 New Orleans residents, it rocked the insurance industry with a massive $74 billion in losses.

It is important for CIOs to understand how different accounting practices impact and change the picture that the CFO sees when first looking at the IT budget as part of the planning cycle.

There is a debate raging across our industry whether climate change will make catastrophe-prone risks uninsurable.

Uber has recently announced that it plans to have demo flights running in Los Angeles by 2020 in support of its futuristic Uber Elevate service.

JD Powers’ latest report on US Auto Claims Satisfaction confirms that 9-12% of auto claims begin online through a phone or computer, a finding that many articles about the study frame as a disappointing adoption rate given the amount invested in these capabilities.