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Carriers, from MetLife to startup pet insurer FIGO, have been going headless, i.e.

While core system replacement activity remains at an all-time high across the insurance industry, few carriers will replace a policy admin system more than once a decade and insurers are increasingly looking to vended solutions for core system transformation.

We recently published our second annual Novarica New Normal 100 capabilities benchmark reports for insurers, presenting data from over 80 insurers in property/casualty and life/annuity editions.

Technology is transforming commercial lines insurance.

We recently published our sixth annual best practices case study compendium, which contains more than 30 detailed examples of recent IT initiatives that delivered real, positive business impact at insurance carriers.

Individual annuities carriers are facing pressures both internally within the insurance industry as competition mounts between competitors, and externally as DOL regulation announcements stand to instigate significant changes in the future.

More than 70 insurer CIOs and their teams gathered at the 10th annual meeting of the Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council, held in Providence, RI, on April 24-25.

In the hypercompetitive specialty lines industry, technology continues to impact insurers’ ability to profitably attract, retain, and serve clients and agent/brokers.

A new report from A.M.

Automation that enhances the agent experience and ultimately their selling and service capabilities is fundamental to enabling their success.