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As the world has gone ever more digital, the opportunities to create new products, new services, and better customer experiences have moved forward aggressively.

There was an interesting call out from the MetLife CEO in a recent A.M.

Group benefits insurers face continuous pressure on margins, while true sales growth remains challenging.

Carriers, from MetLife to startup pet insurer FIGO, have been going headless, i.e.

Earlier this week, I participated in the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers’ annual legislative conference in Washington D.C., presenting on the recent trends in InsureTech to the CIO Working Group.

Today, across many industries, there’s a growing awareness of the potential impact of automation on routine business operations.

Per the 2007 Massachusetts Data Breach Notification Law, the Massachusetts Attorney General needs to be notified by mail by any company storing MA residents’ personal data if this data is compromised or breached in any way.

Insurance IT leaders benefit from the use of simple, meaningful metrics to communicate the value of technology investments to business peers.

Today’s information technology systems remain limited by the barriers imposed by classic binary computing.

Reinsurers are facing pressures from a prolonged soft market followed by an erratic business cycle, losses from man-made and natural catastrophes, and open-ended liabilities like asbestos and terrorism.