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In the latest Internet of Things news for the insurance industry, Argo will be deploying Kinetic wearable devices to help commercial policyholders prevent and monitor employee back injuries while on the job.

More than 20 insurer IT leaders and staff members joined us last week in Hartford for our latest Regional Roundtable.

A new survey of over 100 insurer CIOs finds that while there is an active interest in a wide range of tools and technologies that fall under the “emerging” label, there is still considerable diversity in both deployment rates and active plans for pilot programs.

Insurers are looking to take advantage of emerging tech, both as an opportunity to build better experiences for customers and as a way to gather more data and create lower risk environments.

Drone Control?

At the Drone Expo in California there was promising news about lower death rates for communication tower workers.

The recent news that Arrity (Allstate’s telematics spin-out) has signed its first external customer is an encouraging piece of news for insurers that are thinking about new ways to monetize their risk management knowledge and capabilities beyond just selling loss-reimbursement (AKA insurance policies).

The Senate has introduced legislation to protect the government from security vulnerabilities arising from IoT enabled devices that the government acquires.

In May, I wrote about The Three Phases Insurers Need for Real Big Data Value, assessing how insurance companies progress through levels of maturity as they invest in and innovate around big data.

According to a recent Digital Insurance article, cloud data centers will account for the majority of IT spend and will remain the fasting growing segment year over year.