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Carriers, from MetLife to startup pet insurer FIGO, have been going headless, i.e.

In the latest Internet of Things news for the insurance industry, Argo will be deploying Kinetic wearable devices to help commercial policyholders prevent and monitor employee back injuries while on the job.

Earlier this week, I participated in the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers’ annual legislative conference in Washington D.C., presenting on the recent trends in InsureTech to the CIO Working Group.

Today, across many industries, there’s a growing awareness of the potential impact of automation on routine business operations.

Today’s information technology systems remain limited by the barriers imposed by classic binary computing.

There’s been plenty of speculation lately about whether Amazon would enter the insurance market.

Reinsurers are facing pressures from a prolonged soft market followed by an erratic business cycle, losses from man-made and natural catastrophes, and open-ended liabilities like asbestos and terrorism.

Only ten years ago insurance technology executives were elbowing their way to the table, attempting to steer investments toward technology, and figuring out ways to convince business counterparts the value of technology around the data collected.

Across the insurance industry, carriers are increasingly aware of both changes in market dynamics and the shifts in opportunity (and risk) that technology advances bring.

More than 20 insurer IT leaders and staff members joined us last week in Hartford for our latest Regional Roundtable.