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There’s been plenty of speculation lately about whether Amazon would enter the insurance market.

The news this week of CVS’ planned acquisition of health insurance giant Aetna creates a whole new set of business options and opportunities to consider.

The Bureau of Labor and Statics, a department of the US Department of Labor, recently released its latest statistics for employee benefits in the US.

The draw-down on annuity sales is significant to the overall industry as pointed out by a recent S&P Global Market Intelligence report.

The transformation of data into actionable information is at the core of insurance.

Many life/health/annuity (L/H/A) insurers have demonstrated ongoing interest in implementing illustrations systems, and most turn to third-party providers to do so.

Regardless of where we go and who we talk to, “innovation” is very much on the minds of insurance IT executives.

USAA has announced that they are leveraging EHRs from Kaiser Permanente and the VA to underwrite new life insurance policies without requesting analog medical files.

One of the more significant challenges facing Americans across many demographic cohorts relates to their financial “health.” The Great Recession of 2008 strained many households and fundamentally changed the nature of work for a significant number of people.

Whether Congress is able to pass TrumpCare this month or not, the continued uncertainty makes the for-profit healthcare marketplace increasingly unstable.