Project Assurance

Baseline assessment of approach, organization and staffing, budget and oversight, execution, technical approach and periodic checkpoints (quarterly recommended) to track process.

Our project assurance services improve the likelihood of success of major technology transformation projects without significant additional expense. We improve your team’s ability to execute effectively by providing expert guidance, external perspective, and independent assessment.

As a neutral third-party, we can help company leadership and project teams identify potential issues before they put the project at risk.

  • Relevant Expertise and Fresh Eyes. Our team has an average experience level of 20 years in insurance technology leadership, so we understand the dynamics of our clients’ projects and organizations. At the same time, since we are coming to the projects from an outsider’s perspective, we can identify issues that insiders might miss.
  • No Favorites. Our position as outsiders also lets us be purely objective in a way that can be more challenging for team members who have to preserve intra-team relationships in order to complete the project. We are also vendor independent. We know the vended solutions in the market, as well as their common project approaches, typical risks and pitfalls, but we are not aligned with any vendors. We don’t play favorites.
  • Broad Scope, Light Touch. Our services review project scope, goals, approach, technology, organization, partners, schedule, budget and progress. We assess the full lifecycle of the project from business case to delivery. We engage with all key stakeholders, including your project team, product vendors, and systems integration partners. However, we know your project team is busy doing their jobs – delivering a large complex project. Our process is designed to minimize the time commitment from your team.We know what information to look for in your documents, what questions to ask your team, and how to get to the relevant details quickly without taking up your team’s valuable time.
  • Actionable Insights, Rapid Delivery. The end result is actionable advice typically delivered in less than two weeks. We provide feedback and recommendations in a timeframe that will allow you to take quick action to avoid or address the identified issues or concerns. In addition to the initial review, we can also provide ongoing checkpoints and participate in steering meetings to ensure your project stays on track.

Baseline Project Assessment

A baseline project assessment is the first phase of our service. This two week engagement is designed to deliver an assessment report of project strengths, weaknesses, risks, and issues, as well as recommendations for next steps, corrective action, or risk mitigation. After a brief overview and planning meeting with the client project manager, we begin the assessment by reviewing available project documentation including the following:

  • Project business case, project charter, scope documents, project management plan
  • Corporate and project organization charts
  • Recent project plan and schedule
  • Project status and steering group reports
  • Project budget
  • As-is technology overview documents
  • Strategic technology plans, blueprints, or roadmaps
  • Project architecture or high level design documents
  • Selected sample project documents
  • QA and testing strategy
  • Documentation of development methodology and project governance approach

Over two or three days, we will conduct onsite interviews with key business and IT stakeholders, as well as more detailed onsite workshops with project leadership to review and assess the project scope, approach, progress and issues. We also interview any relevant product vendors or systems integration partners. Equipped with an understanding of your project, our team continues the analysis offsite with follow up calls and web meetings as necessary, and compiles an 8-12 page report detailing our findings and recommendations, including:

  • Overall project approach
  • Organization and staffing
  • Budget and oversight
  • Project execution (full lifecycle)
  • Technical approach

This report is complete and ready for a read-out with your team within two weeks of the onsite meetings.

Periodic Project Checkpoints

As an additional option, we can also conduct periodic project checkpoints to help you keep the project on track to deliver business value on time and on budget.

Project checkpoints are conducted every two or three months, and provide short, actionable reports.

We review new project artifacts and documentation offsite, conduct 30-60 minute telephone interviews with key stakeholders and project leaders, and deliver a 2-5 page report of new or revised findings and recommendations.

These periodic checkpoints are designed to minimize the time and attention required from your project team by providing a consistent resources from our team – resources who already know the baseline project assessment, as well as the industry, technology, development/implementation approaches and vendors you are working with.