Project Advisory Service

Imagine if you could bring in someone with decades of insurance technology and strategy experience to advise your internal project teams on an as-needed basis. Now you can.

Senior Advisor for Your Project Team

Sometimes our clients don’t need us to deliver a full consulting engagement with our team defining the process and the taking ownership of creating a formal deliverable.

Sometimes they just need one of our senior advisory team members to work with their project team on a regular basis, providing guidance and contributing to the creation of assets owned by the client.

No Favorites

Our position as outsiders also lets us be purely objective in a way that can be more challenging for team members who have to preserve intra-team relationships in order to complete the project.

We are also vendor independent. We know the vended solutions in the market, as well as their common approaches, typical risks and pitfalls, but we are not aligned with any vendors. We don’t play favorites.

Relevant Expertise

Our team has an average experience level of 20 years in insurance technology leadership, so we understand the dynamics of our clients’ projects, organizations, and infrastructures.

At the same time, since we are coming to the projects from an outsider’s perspective, we can identify issues that insiders might miss.

Our team members include former senior executives from companies like AIG, AXA, Arbella, Futurity, Guardian, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Marsh, Nationwide, Progressive, Prudential, PMA, Voya/ING, and others.

Typical Uses

Some of the types of projects our team members support include:
  • Systems architecture design
  • Digital strategy development
  • Long-term IT planning
  • Outsourcing planning

Focused Attention, Maximum Flexibility

We work with your project team’s existing work plan.

We participate in regular virtual and in-person working sessions; review, comment, and contribution to asset creation; and provide guidance and advice from deep personal experience and the collective wisdom of Novarica’s hundreds of CIO clients and Council Members.

Engagements can be for a set number of weeks, or can be continued on a week-to-week basis (subject to availability).

How it Works and What it Costs

Unlike a consulting engagement, there’s no need to specify scope and deliverables in advance. With our Project Advisory service, a Novarica senior team member will:
  • Participate in regular virtual working sessions
  • Participate in email and phone discussions with other project team members
  • Review and comment on, or contribute to, assets developed by the project team
  • Participate in one onsite working session per week (as appropriate)
Fees are $10,000 per week plus travel expenses for onsite working sessions.