About Our Clients

Insurer technology leaders and their teams value their ongoing advisory relationships with our senior team of industry veterans and experts for their insights and guidance on any topic related to technology strategy and projects in insurance. They also have unlimited access to our research on trends, best practices, and vendors.

Our 100+ insurer clients cross life/annuity/retirement, property/casualty, and reinsurance. Our clients include many of the top ten life/annuity insurers and property/casualty insurers in the US. More than 25% of the insurers in the Fortune 500 are current clients. While most of our clients are based in the US, we also serve Canadian, European, and Bermuda insurers.

Partial Client Roster

Many of our clients prefer us to keep their names confidential, but a sample list of current clients includes:

  • Amica
  • Arbella
  • Berkshire Hathaway GUARD
  • Builders Mutual
  • Central Mutual
  • General Re
  • MMG Insurance Company
  • Merchants Mutual
  • Navigators
  • Penn Mutual
  • ProSight Specialty
  • Safety National
  • SECURA Insurance
  • SunLife
  • Tokio Marine HCC
  • XLCatlin

Testimonials from our Insurer Clients

“Novarica’s advisory service provides an important level of support for me and my entire team when it comes to evaluating strategies or vendors.”

“I’ve worked with Novarica’s senior team as advisors for several years. These individuals have provided me industry specific and general market guidance and counsel. They have provided the necessary landscape and blueprint analysis towards making plans with an eye towards building the organizational capability for the future. Their research is valued and respected throughout my organization, increasing the general knowledge level of my entire staff.”

“Novarica’s planning workshops help me set direction and test my strategy with a knowledgeable advisor. The perspective that Novarica brings to the table is critical to ensure my team has a broad view of the current and future state of the industry. The Novarica team provides direct and immediate response to email inquiries, which means that I always have the information I need to make strategic decisions.”

“Recently, we used Novarica to assist with an important Policy Administration system replacement project. Their insight into general industry trends, vendor capabilities, and our specific needs was second to none. Not only did Novarica provide excellent insight to our selection process, they engaged key members of our business executive team to address specific questions and concerns. We could not have asked for better support.”

“Vendor selection is a decision you have to live with long after the implementation. Utilizing an impartial consultant brought expertise and objectivity, which improved and simplified our process. Novarica can take some credit for our success.”

Consulting Client Case Studies

Vendor Selection: Distribution Systems

Challenge: Carrier identified an opportunity to profitably expand distribution channel and market penetration by launching an online initiative. The organization needed to move very rapidly to take advantage of a growth opportunity, but the technology organization was occupied with a core system replacement project.

Approach: Novarica worked with the carrier to identify a vendor who could implement end to end on-line insurance functionality in the necessary timeframe. Partnered with the carrier to create a high level business plan including resource requirements, dependencies, risks, and major implementation steps including nontechnology elements. We then worked with the carrier to create the business case to present to the Board of Directors.

Results: The carrier was able to garner internal support and rapidly move forward. They implemented the technical solution in seven months and have been able to expand profitably into this new market segment generating a significant amount highly profitable new business.

Vendor Selection: Life/Annuity Systems

Challenge: A business unit at a carrier had a highly dissatisfied captive agent channel because of their current electronic application. Their existing technology lacked flexibility, was costly to maintain, and difficult to test. Unfortunately, their technical organization was tied up with ongoing commitments for a larger division of the company. Our client needed guidance on modern technology options in the marketplace that could fit into their overall architecture.

Approach: Novarica completed on-site business-capability-focused information gathering meetings with key stakeholders throughout business and IT to determine required capabilities, reviewed their technical architecture and set up demonstrations with vendors to highlight varying degrees of modern functionality among new business applications. Through this process, Novarica illustrated that the carrier had not properly identified their underlying issue. In reality, the electronic application processing was masking a far more critical issue related to an aging and ineffective policy administration system. As a result, Novarica worked with the carrier to reframe the effort to focus on their current and future business needs. As part of Novarica’s vendor selection process, Novarica identified a targeted list of vendors who were the best fit, created requests for information based on unique carrier requirements, provided a tool for scoring, and compiled findings to pare down the vendor to a short-list. Novarica provided guidance in demonstration script creation, organized on-site demonstrations, presented final results and advised insurer through the resulting proof of concept.

Results: Through consultation with Novarica, the carrier realized that their current policy administration system was not adequate and that changing the new business application components would have only marginally addressed agent satisfaction. The client was able to garner internal support in a timely manner for evaluate policy administration systems while simultaneously assessing the new business functionality available in vended solutions. In the end, they selected a solution that closely fit their needs while moving through the process rapidly while avoiding the “overhead” of managing vendor relationships during the selection process.

Project Assurance: Core Systems Transformation

Challenge: Carrier was making a large investment in a new policy administration implementation but had a history of failed large scale technical implementations, immature project infrastructure, and a new and unproven project leadership team. The organization needed to have outside perspective in order to help improve overall project success by receiving ongoing feedback and mentoring.

Approach: On a regular basis, Novarica interviewed and surveyed the project team, including carrier and vendor staff. We also reviewed project documents in order to provide an assessment of performance, including an identification of areas of both risk and performance improvement opportunities.

Results: The carrier reduced overall project risk by addressing opportunity areas as they were identified.

IT Assessment: Troubled Project Review

Challenge: Our client had a high profile project that was significantly over budget, had missed dates, and was delaying other technology projects. The CEO requested a recommendation to be delivered to the board of directors on the future of the project, including an assessment of the effort to get the project back on track. Concurrently, Novarica was asked to make recommendations on structural improvements to improve the effectiveness of the carrier’s technology organization.

Approach: Novarica conducted on-site interviews, reviewed organizational and project documents and received demonstrations of their existing technology. Novarica also benchmarked client costs against development expense at other carriers. Findings and recommendations were documented and shared with the CEO, technical leadership team and the board of directors.

Results: The carrier has developed a plan for getting the project back on track, which includes hiring a highly experienced full-time project manager, introducing a more structured project management methodology and revisiting their philosophy of building vs. buying solutions.

Custom Benchmarking: Digital Workplace Strategy

Challenge: Our client was tasked with developing a long term strategy for the future work place. As part of that strategy they needed current peer information about current and planned initiatives and activities related to a digital work place.

Approach: Novarica collaborated with them to create a set of focus areas related to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, enterprise collaboration and virtualization. Novarica identified a suitable list of peer companies, conducted interviews and synthesized qualitative findings to the project team.

Result: Novarica’s findings were incorporated into the carrier’s digital strategy documents and provided a higher degree of confidence with their overall strategy.

Custom Benchmarking: Testing and Quality

Challenge: Our client had experienced a series of unsuccessful implementations which included a high number of production defects among many of the projects in their portfolio. Novarica was asked to provide findings and recommendations for the testing organization based on industry testing best practices and benchmarking from peer companies.

Approach: Novarica performed an on-site assessment by evaluating three successful projects and comparing / contrasting the processes and delivery model associated with three challenged projects. Novarica reviewed project documentation and performed external benchmarking interviews focused on process, tools and internal organizational culture in order to frame both findings and action plans.

Result: Novarica identified that the highly outsourced carrier was experiencing challenges around vendor management, a churn in resources which lead to a gap in institutional knowledge, and limited use of automated testing. In addition, many issues that presented themselves in testing occurred much earlier in the development cycle. Novarica recommended that the carrier leverage their current defect management toolset to track when errors occurred and take targeted action to prevent them going forward. This required a shift in their approach from reacting to defect issues to proactively building quality into their SDLC.