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Incumbent Insurers Need to Understand the “ABCs of InsureTech,” says Novarica

November 30, 2016 (BOSTON) – InsureTech is the buzzword of the moment, with billions of dollars of investment flowing into start-ups focusing on the sector. From the point of view of investors, anything that has to do with using technology in the insurance industry can be labeled “InsureTech.”

Unfortunately, for incumbent insurers attempting to get a better grasp of the space, this broad term is not helpful. Novarica, a research and advisory firm focused on insurance technology strategy, today introduced its “ABCs of InsureTech” framework, available here, to help incumbent insurers cut through the noise and understand the real opportunities and threats in this heavily-hyped sector.


“Analytics Arms Dealers and Beneficial Bots have the potential to help insurers transform and compete, and are likely to have a greater impact on incumbent insurers in the short-term than the Digital Distributors and Creative Carriers, which get a disproportionate level of attention because they’re the easiest for generalist investors to understand,” said Matthew Josefowicz, President and CEO of Novarica. “On the other hand, Digital Distributors and Creative Carriers can provide useful examples of how to operate a digital insurer that will be copied by successful incumbents as they transform themselves over the coming years.”

Copies of the brief are available to Novarica clients, Research Council members and qualified media. Please contact or call Adam Asher at 617-897-1921 for more information.

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