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While total spending levels and patterns are roughly consistent with prior years, there are some important changes emerging.

This report provides an overview of the available claims systems and suites for US property/casualty insurers.

Most of the research and media focused on InsureTech startups is written for innovators and investors, not for insurers.

This brief reviews key areas insurers should consider for cybersecurity assessment along with profiles of ten prominent solution providers.

This report provides an overview of the available stand-alone billing systems for US property/casualty insurers.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are among many evolutionary technologies making inroads into conversations at all levels of technology leadership.

Today’s customers expect a unified, user-friendly digital experience which they can leverage, on-demand, from the channel of their choice.

Insurers are increasingly turning to cloud- and SaaS-based products for their relative ease of deployment, cost savings, and security.

This brief provides an overview of the increasing use of payment gateways across the insurance industry.

The Novarica New Normal 100 (3N100) is a list of 100 technology-enabled business capabilities that represent the “new normal” for insurers.