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The insurance industry is always grappling with how to best understand and leverage emerging technology in an incremental fashion while continuing to maintain and manage its existing systems.

Most of the research and media focused on InsureTech startups is written for innovators and investors, not for insurers.

Silicon Valley is often championed as the leader of technology innovation.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are among many evolutionary technologies making inroads into conversations at all levels of technology leadership.

Novarica’s sixth annual best practices case study compendium includes more than 30 detailed examples of recent IT initiatives that delivered real business impact.

Specialty insurance is a sector of the insurance industry defined by specialization in risk analysis and product design and a value chain with highly specialized buyers, sellers, and intermediaries.

Artificial intelligence, disaggregation of value, and the ability of IT to create business value were some of the main topics of discussion among insurer CIOs and their teams at the 10th Annual Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council meeting.

This report provides an updated snapshot and current usage of social, mobile, analytics, big data, cloud and digital technologies in insurance.

Silicon Valley has long been a leading destination for innovation, housing some of world’s most forward-thinking technology companies and exceptional talent.

Recent conversations with leading life and annuity carriers highlight shifting trends in the utilization of business process outsourcing (BPO) services, from simple cost reduction to enabling bi-modal operations.