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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are among many evolutionary technologies making inroads into conversations at all levels of technology leadership.

Today’s customers expect a unified, user-friendly digital experience which they can leverage, on-demand, from the channel of their choice.

Insurers are increasingly turning to cloud- and SaaS-based products for their relative ease of deployment, cost savings, and security.

This brief provides an overview of the increasing use of payment gateways across the insurance industry.

Novarica’s sixth annual best practices case study compendium includes more than 30 detailed examples of recent IT initiatives that delivered real business impact.

Digital transformation is gaining significant momentum in the insurance industry.

Machine learning is a powerful tool for insurers looking to improve their capabilities with predictive analytics and data processing, and carriers are beginning to see benefits from pilot programs in rating and claims.

In this 42-slide keynote presentation from the 10th Annual Insurance Technology Research Council Meeting, Novarica CEO Matthew Josefowicz reviews insurance technology trends.

Advances in medical technology are poised to transform the healthcare industry, from diagnosis to care planning, treatment and recuperation.

The emergence of deep learning as a powerful tool, along with more accessible data, increased computing capabilities, and a greater availability of funding, are combining to drive innovation towards business uses for AI.