Custom Benchmarking

We provide direct comparisons with your closest peers on your key issues and questions. Unlike syndicated group research, we work on your schedule, and focus specifically on your needs.

The Context You Need for Key Decisions

Our custom benchmarking services allow you to confidently answer the most common question in strategic planning, “What are our peers doing in this area?”

Optimized Questions

We work with you to optimize a question set that will address your most important needs without depressing participation rates by your peers.

Anonymized Group of Direct Peers

We work with you to select a group of 10-12 operational peers whose perspective will be meaningful.

Private Interviews

We then conduct interviews with 5-6 companies from that list, while keeping specific participants confidential. This encourages participation and candor by the benchmark targets.

Leveraging the Power of our Network

Our broad network of nearly 400 insurer senior technology executive contacts enables rapid and insightful benchmarking. We don’t have to research the right source or connection. We already know them.

Qualitative and Quantitative

Recent topics have included IT organizational design, co-sourcing strategy, digital workplace strategy, IT budgets, and other issues.

Simple 4-6 Week Process

Our total process takes no more than 4-6 weeks, and can be completed entirely remotely.
The six steps are:
  1. Discuss the objectives of the study with you in a conference call.
  2. Design a preliminary set of questions and target participants based on this call.
  3. Review and finalize the question set and target list with you via conference call and/or email. You will approve the questions and targets before the study commences.
  4. Conduct interviews over a 3-4 week period, keeping you informed of status weekly.
  5. Review preliminary findings in conference call with your project team.
  6. Presentation of findings and recommendations. Our senior team of executive-level experts analyzes and presents the findings of each study in a written report and an interactive discussion session with each client’s stakeholders. This final session can be onsite or remote depending on your preference.