Our strategy consulting engagements are delivered directly by small teams of senior-level experts in engagements that are designed to use your team’s time effectively, minimize disruption, and provide actionable, detailed deliverables. As an independent strategic advisor, we focus on the best plan for you, not for a vendor or an implementation partner.

Facilitates fair evaluation and organizational investment in the decision

Rapid discovery interviews focused on key needs

Target Vendor Lists Based on Existing Knowledgebase

RFI Creation and Distribution

Scripted Demos to ensure apples-to-apples comparison

Final Recommendation based on our proprietary weighted-balanced scorecard

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Identify and address project risk factors before they cause problems

Baseline assessment includes onsite interviews, documentation review, vendor reviews

Findings/recommendations cover project approach, organization and staffing, budget and oversight, project execution, and technical approach

Optional periodic checkpoints every 2-3 months

Fresh eyes with relevant expertise, no favorites, and no politics enables honest assessments

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Information you need, in terms you define, from your direct peers

Extensive relationship network, position of trust, and industry expertise creates unequalled access

Questions co-developed with you to ensure peer participation and most useful information

Reliable benchmark information to provide context for your most important decisions.

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Expert Assessments, Planning, and Roadmap development

Articulation of Goals and Principles

Strategic Blueprint

Current State Assessment

High-Level Technology Roadmap

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Other Projects

Strategy Workshops and Planning Sessions

General Strategy Development

IT Organizational and Effectiveness Assessments

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