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Agile at Insurers 2015

Published: July 2015
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This report looks at the current state, plans, and impact for Agile methodology use at US insurers, as well as the benefits that have been realized by these efforts to date. It is based on results of a survey of 58 insurer CIO members of the Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council, conducted in April 2015.

Agile use has grown by jumps and starts since the insurance industry began to adopt it around 8 years ago to the point where it is now ubiquitous, even if most larger insurers use Agile only for a small percentage of their IT projects.

Although the effects of Agile have been overwhelmingly positive, the benefits have not been evenly distributed. IT departments, especially within midsize rather than large insurers, gain the most from Agile use. Negative effects, although they have occurred, have been relatively minor, especially compared to the widespread positive outcomes that are the norm in Agile adoption.

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