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Emerging Tech Offers Automation and Security for Broker/Carrier CIOs


Chuck Gomez

Insurance brokers and specialty/large commercial carriers have long lagged behind other segments when it comes to automating communication. This is the result of the inherent complexity of the market, as well as an ingrained preference for email due to the cultural belief that it is more personal. Further complicating automation efforts are looming cybersecurity issues that are in constant flux with respect to regulatory and market changes.

Through Novarica research consisting of in-depth conversations with over a dozen broker and carrier executives, it is clear that many carrier CIOs are looking towards the adoption of new technologies, both custom and vendor, to support digital strategies and operations. However, broker CIOs tend to be more hesitant and conservative in investing in advanced technology. This hesitancy is likely a result of the unique challenges during the underwriting process for specialty and large commercial risks.

Despite the unique challenges, new technologies may be faster and more accurate, and they enable a personalized exchange of insured and risk information. Both insurer and broker CIOs should be monitoring and adopting emerging technology in order to simultaneously navigate mounting security issues and prepare for the transformative effects of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence that have already been seen across the industry.

With the increasing number of emerging technology options available to leverage in 2018, broker and carrier CIOs should consider how this technology can be used to standardize data models and business processes, gain back-end efficiencies, and support digital initiatives. By doing so, successful CIOs will set themselves up for success in 2018 and beyond.

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About Chuck Gomez

Chuck Gomez is a Vice President of Research and Consulting at Novarica with over 25 years of insurance technology experience in senior roles at insurers, reinsurers, brokers, consulting firms, and software companies. His expertise spans strategic planning, transformational program management, technology assessment, cloud strategy, legacy migration, set-up of de novo operations, and other areas. Prior to joining Novarica, he held senior technology leadership roles at Guy Carpenter, Integro Insurance Brokers, and Arch Insurance Group. His other experience includes roles at AIG, Liberty Mutual, Ernst & Young, and AgencyPort/Sword Intech. Chuck holds a BS in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from the University of California at Berkeley. He can be reached directly at