Data Services For US Insurers 2012 (Q1)

Published: February 2012
Price: $2,500

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Report Summary:

In this day of data superabundance and instant accessibility, there are many vendors that provide a wide range of third-party data that may be incorporated into the marketing and business processes for US insurers. This report provides an overview of data services available to US insurers. The information in this report was collected from the data services providers using a proprietary Novarica RFI or from public sources of product and company information. The report contains a brief profile of 15 key providers of data services to US insurers.


Introduction …2
Market Overview …3
Acxiom Corporation …5
Dun & Bradstreet …7
ISO/Verisk …9
LexisNexis Risk Solutions …12
Marshall & Swift/Boeckh …17
Melissa Data……22
Merkle INC …24
MIB Group, Inc …26
Milliman, Inc …28
Neustar, Inc …30
Pitney Bowes …31
R.L. Polk …33
RiskMeter Online …36
Social Intelligence Corp …38
USPS …40
Conclusions …43
About Novarica …44