Paper, Phone, Email, Web, Mobile: Communication Channels in US Insurance

Published: June 2011
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While traditional channels like physical mail and phone are still heavily used for communications with intermediaries and policyholders, communicating effectively via email and web are now critical capabilities for insurers. Insurers continue to invest in expanding the capabilities of both their agent/broker and policyholder web portals.

While mobile is nascent today, and short-term adoption rates are low, close to a quarter of insurers plan to have significant capabilities within 24 months.

One of the driving factors in insurers communication capabilities strategies is an expected growth in direct contact with policyholders in service, claims, billing, and even (for some insurers) underwriting.

We urge insurers to look carefully at their current communication channels, track recent shifts in usage rates, and plan for continued change.

This report is based on a survey of 77 insurer CIO members of the Novarica Insurance Technology Research Council conducted in April 2011.


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